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A:AP Episode 1: The Making of Don’t Call it a Riot

This segment of Attention: Astonishing People presents the making of Don’t Call It a Riot, a play written and directed by Amontaine Aurore, which will appear at the 12th Avenue Arts theater in Seattle in the spring of 2019. The play addresses the history of activism in Seattle from the Black Panthers through the WTO protests of 1999.

Mounting a show is a labor of love. Cast and crew (as well as directors, producers, designers, and promoters) invest countless hours behind the scenes for a successful run. As an audience member, you may not know the hard work and discipline that go into an evening of theater. This segment is an homage not only to the cast, crew, and production team of Don’t Call It a Riot, but to theater folk everywhere, and to the audience members who appreciate them.